About us

About us

Marshall Brewer has been involved in welding and fabrication since his early 20’s having learnt from some of the best fabricators, welders & engineers in the business.

His early and long involvement in motorsport meant that he fabricated many race car parts not only for himself but for many other big name drivers along the way in the Group C Touring Cars, Auscars & Nascars.

For many years whilst setting up,  owning and running Fastrack Racing Pty Ltd based at Calder Park Raceway he also went back into building purpose built race cars for his race driving school as well as his own race cars in Auscar & Nascar.

After 25 years Marshall and his wife sold Fastrack Racing Pty Ltd and moved to Lakes Entrance where they owned a holiday accommodation business where Marshall built a large workshop down the back and went back to his welding and fabrication.

After selling the holiday accommodation business they purchased a factory and a lot more equipment which then enabled a huge scope of work to be fabricated and made.  The new equipment included a HSG 3.3 Fibre Laser Cutting Machine.

We now not only supply our usual fabrication work specialising in stainless steel and aluminium products being tanks, benchtops, handrails, balustrades to name a few, but, the addition of the Fibre Laser Cutting Machine enabled us to move into the Garden art, Corten street addresses & letterboxes, firepits, bin enclosures for local council and outdoor furniture to name some.

Marshall is assisted with his son Jake who is in charge of cad design & laser cutting, his young apprentice and his wife who does the administrative duties and also acquiring additional contract welders/fabricators from time to time.

MJB Laser Welding & Fabrication has grown from what Marshall envisaged a couple of days a week work for him into a very diversified business with Jake looking to expand the Cad design & Laser Cutting side of the business into something he will take over in the near future.

No job is too small or large and we are very proud of the high standards we all continue to deliver.

Our specialty is custom made products and we mainly deal with stainless steel, aluminiium and corten.